Love makes the world go round: Buke and Matthew Chandler

WHEN the thing that you want more than anything else from your wedding is a day that is filled with love, there's no better place to start than by inviting family and friends. And when your nearest and dearest have travelled many thousands of miles to be there, odds are, they're coming because they care about you and want to share in your happiness.

Buke Oyaide's relatives weren't going to miss the wedding for the world; they even came from all over the world to be there.

“My mum is Jamaican, my dad is from Nigeria and we have family members living out there and in Canada who all wanted to come" says Buke.

With guests from as far afield as that, it was always going to be a global celebration and yet it started quietly enough.

"Matt was really shy" says Buke, "we first met more than 10 years ago at our local church but we only got together just over a year ago. We spent about eight months planning the wedding. Because we decided on a budget wedding lots of people suggested that we went abroad but that idea didn't appeal to us. It was important to get married among the community where we met at our church."

Buke and Matthew walked down the aisle on Sunday, June 3 at 2pm. The Jubilee weekend, you may remember, was something of a disaster weather-wise. "It had been raining all day" says Buke, "and we just prayed for a miracle. Then, all of a sudden, it stopped raining for just long enough to get photos taken by Vicky of Sophoto outside of the church!"

Prayers answered, the new Mr and Mrs Chandler were driven to the Strathmore Hotel, Luton in a lovely Beauford classic car. "Jayne and her husband from Button Cars in Barton le Clay were so nice and helpful, they didn't mind getting wet so that we didn't - they even brought umbrellas along for us" says Buke.

Getting the dress wet was the last thing that anyone would have wanted. A one-off gown with a huge train by the British designer Dizzie Lizzie, Buke bought it from Delphine Alexander in Luton. Apparently Dizzie Lizzie made one of Katie Price’s wedding dresses too but no-one, not even Jordan herself, could have looked more gorgeous than Buke on her special day. With nine bridesmaids, five page boys, two ushers and not one but two best men it was important to get the colour scheme right too. "I had one Chinese bridesmaid, one white English girl and then there were seven African-Caribbean bridesmaids so whatever colours we chose needed to suit them all. "Although I was originally thinking about fuschia when I saw this rich, burnt orange I knew that it was perfect. The men's suits were hired from Moss and the page boys' shirts and matching cravats were from Debenhams."

Luton stylist Anita Trotman did Buke's hair and make-up and it was all recorded for posterity by Sophoto photographer Victoria Neale.

But Buke had another way to ensure that the day would never be forgotten. "I deliberately planned the date so that Matthew would remember it" she says. " We got married on 3-6-12 and went off on our honeymoon to the beautiful Caribbean island of St Lucia on 6-6-12."

But Matthew doesn't sound like the kind of guy who would forget a thing like that anyway. This, after all, is the man who toasted, not only his lovely bride on her wedding day, but also Her Majesty The Queen, who was in the midst of celebrating her own big day on Sunday, June 3, 2012.

Photographer: Victoria Neale

07810 186 528

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