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First class male

It may be an important day for your bride — but it’s also important that you look your best too. Follow these simple tips to becoming a first class male.

So, back in the Middle Ages we would have been calling you the ‘brydguma’. For ‘bryd’, of course, read bride’; an Old English word meaning ‘woman about to be married, or just married’ — borrowed from a long defunct Germanic term for ‘cooking’!

‘Guma,’ meant simply ‘man’. Over the years, people stopped using ‘guma’ by itself, but carried on referring to the chap about to get hitched as the ‘brydguma.’

Eventually people began substituting the more familiar ‘groom’ (a young male servant) for the by-now obsolete ‘guma,’ and ‘brydguma’ became ‘bridegroom.’

Whew, glad we’ve got that sorted.

With so much attention lavished on your wife-to-be, when the big day eventually arrives, you may feel a little like a walk-on character. But fellas, don’t let her hog all the limelight! This is your chance to move centre stage too!

First things first. It is crucial that you look your best too. There is nothing worse than an un-groomed groom, and so careful consideration needs to be made in advance to ensure that you look fantastic.

Find a good hairdresser and aim to have settled on a style at least eight weeks before the big day. Whether you are happy with your hairstyle or fancy updating it, a professional hairdresser will be able to tell you what cut will suit your face, as well as what product to use.

Book in for your final hair appointment a week before the wedding. This will allow the new cut to settle and you to feel comfortable styling it how you want.

It might sound suspiciously feminine, but a good manicure will do wanders for your hands. Your hands are on show an awful lot through out the day, as photographers zoom in during the exchange of the rings or as you sign the register, so they need to look clean and well-kept.

Re-exert your masculinity by playing some sport afterwards. If the idea of a manicure is really too much to bear, then ensure you keep your nails trimmed and well-shaped in the run up to your wedding.

Any dry skin should be filed off and use hand moisturiser to keep your hands looking fresh and young. It goes without saying that your skin needs to be in good condition for your wedding day.

Those six to eight glasses of water a day will make a difference, so start drinking that H2O now. A good skin routine is vital as well. Find out what kind of skin type you have and then buy products that are appropriate for this.

Clean your face with a mild face wash (avoid using soap, as this dries your skin out) and exfoliate twice a week too, to scrub any old skin cells away.

If you don’t already, begin moisturising following your shave in the morning and before you go to bed. Again, this needs to be a moisturiser that suits your skin type, for dry, normal or oily skin.

If you enjoyed that manicure just a little too much, then there is always the option of kick-starting your new skin regime with a facial at a spa... OK, OK, just an idea.

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