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Published: 09/02/2009 00:00 - Updated: 07/12/2009 00:50

The Heavy Metal Farmer is cream of net comedy crop

Uploading comical videos on Youtube has led to a whirlwind of fame for 21-year-old David Bass. Reporter KEELEY KNOWLES speaks to him about meeting the Queen, staying with a WWEfemale wrestler and the farmer video that really spun him into the spotlight
Ranked as the fifth top Youtube celebrity by The Daily Telegraph last year,David Bass, from Flitwick, began making clips for the video-sharing site under the name Daveyboyz as a bit of fun back in 2007.

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Now, he boasts more than 15,000 followers and around 3.5m people have viewed his videos.

But he's not stopping here and said: "I am extremely focused and have a huge drive to succeed.

"I never thought that two years on, it would get this far but I am enjoying every minute of it."

The former Redborne Upper School student is being chased by producers, publishers and magazines, and along with his friend Edward Frizzelle and Neil Jackson, he is setting up Lostboyz productions.

The pair, who went to school together, will be making promotion videos for other companies - an idea which began after David made a video for a pants company Whites and Small, based in Oxfordshire. It involves him prancing around in you've guessed it, just a pair of pants.

Neil Jackson, who owns the company, approached David after stumbling across him on Google, to ask if he wanted to make a video advertising the pants.

Neil said: "I had a very low budget and wanted something comic because men don't talk to other men about pants so I wanted to break down the embarrassment barrier.

"I was very pleased with the final product and David has made another video for a Valentines promotion."

The film-making duo are also writing a comic sitcom and are in the process of finishing Edward's feature film Norman's Book which tells the events after a novelist gets trapped in a house with a rockstar and house-sitter.

Edward, 21, made his first video when he was 14-years-old after buying a video camera on the way back from France.

David Bass and Edward FrizzelleSince then he has been busy making various comedy sketches.

Described as 'one to watch' by The Daily Telegraph, David has also had an extremely busy and exciting time since he began getting noticed for his videos.

One of his first films, Heavy Metal Farmer, rocketed in popularity and has seen more than 1m hits on Youtube.

It shows a very angry farmer screaming about his cows mooing and his tractor.

David, who was proudly wearing a hoodie with the farmer's face on it, said: "There is a hidden anger in all farmers and I wanted to show it in the video.

"It has been very popular and Metal Hammer magazine even wrote an article about it."

His other highly-viewed clips include an emo-chef and a chav opera which features a hoodie belting out a ballad in the local pub.

Not only are his videos a bit of fun but there is a hidden aim behind them.

He said: "I want to connect famous people with ordinary people and by interviewing them and putting the video up on Youtube it makes them more accessible."

Last year, David jetted off to America for a few months, and managed to bag an interview with WWE wrestler and Playboy model Chyna, whose real name is Joan Laurer.

Not only did he get a tour round her house in Hollywood and inside her fridge, he filmed her belly-dancing and singing a rendition of David's famous Heavy Metal Farmer.

He said: "It was just so crazy.

"For a few days I was going to clubs with her and staying in her house - it was amazing."

As if it couldn't get any better for David, he got an email from Google, which owns Youtube asking if he wanted to interview the Queen when she visited the Headquarters in London.

Of course he said yes and flew back to the county to be there.

He said: "It was great meeting the Queen.

"She asked me what I did on Youtube and then the Duke of Edinburgh asked me if, like the other girl from Youtube next to me, I did makeup tutorials.

"That was quite embarrassing."

Her Royal Highness was celebrating the upload of her first Youtube clip, a 1968 reception for British Olympians, to the site's Royal Channel, which was launched in 2007.

David's heights are now set even higher and he is looking forward to the year ahead.

If he could interview anyone he would choose Mel Gibson, so if you're reading Mel, get in touch.

David said: "I really admire his acting so would love to meet him."
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