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Teen is banned from USA over Obama hate email

By Bedfordshire On Sunday  |  Posted: September 12, 2010

  • Barack Obama

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A teenager has been banned from entering America for sending ONE ‘threatening’ and ‘abusive’ email to the White House.

Bedfordshire Police have confirmed that an individual was visited by officers after they received information that he had sent the telecommunication.

On Friday, Luke Angel, 17, from Silsoe told Bedfordshire on Sunday that he had sent one email about a month ago.

He said he couldn’t remember exactly what he had written as he did it when he was ‘drunk and high’ but said he had expressed dislike for President Barack Obama and the US Government.

He said that he had called President Obama a ‘p***k’ but when asked if the action taken to ban him from going to America ‘forever’ was extreme, Mr Angel said he had been more abusive than that.

The teenager added that he had been watching some conspiracy theory programmes such as the ones about 9/11 and had been researching the Illuminati – a lot of which he believed in.

BoS understands that the American FBI had been involved and had instructed police in England to take up the matter.

Sarah Wilkinson, a spokeswoman from Bedfordshire Police said: “The individual had sent an email to the White House which was full of abusive and threatening language.

“We were informed by the Metropolitan Police and so we went round to see him.

“He said ‘oh dear’ it was me.

“He was told that he wouldn’t be able to go to America.” She added that it was basically a boy ‘being silly’ and nothing more sinister than that and said that there was no criminal action being taken against the individual.

When asked about the action taken, Mr Angel said: “I don’t really care. My parents aren’t very happy about it.

“The police who came round took my picture and told me I was banned from America forever.”

US Department of Homeland Security spokeswoman Joanne Ferreira said: “Due to privacy laws, US Customs and Border Protection is prohibited from discussing specific cases.”

She said there were around 60 reasons why an individual may be refused admission to the United States.

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  • Bedfordshire On Sunday  |  September 16 2010, 7:16AM

    Just curious.....did the FBI pay for the cost of the visit to Luke Angel or are our police now just unpaid gofers for a foreign government? Were the police acting under any particular law when they made the visit or just acting as a voluntary mouthpiece for the U.S administration? Have the media made enquiries about the lawful nature of the police behaviour......or is it now just accepted in this country that being insulting or abusive towards a foreign leader is some sort of unlawful or illegal act in the UK? Good grief!!

  • Bedfordshire On Sunday  |  September 14 2010, 11:18AM

    Obama is not a fool, i think he knows what he is doing, obama is the best thing thats happened to USA at a long time. i would do anything to serve obama, and i mean everything!