Published: 04/11/2012 11:00 - Updated: 02/11/2012 20:30

With or without you, apostrophe

To have an apostrophe or not...that is the question.

It seems confusion over whether some street and area names are with or without the mark has hit Bedford Borough.

This week a new sign was spotted in St Paul’s (with an apostrophe) Square, Bedford, which was missing the apostrophe despite other signs including one.

St Paul's SquareAfter we pointed this out to the borough council, a spokesman said it was wrong and would be corrected, while in the meantime a temporary sign was erected.

There has also been confusion as to whether Queens Park has an apostrophe.

Councillors Mohammad Yasin and Mohammed Masud spent more than £600 of their Ward Fund on painting a sign in the area.

But after the work was done on Monday it read ‘Welcome to Queen’s Park’.

Cllr Yasin defended the grammar saying that the sketch was already there and that he’d had requests from residents in the area to include the apostrophe.

A borough council spokesman said: “An apostrophe would be used where something belongs to somebody or something or where there is a contraction of the word.

“An apostrophe would not be used for plurals. In the case of Queens Park an apostrophe would therefore be used if the park was pertaining to a queen. It would not be used if it was a common name.

“In the case of Queens Park in Bedford we believe that both cases would be acceptable and both are already in common use."

So what do you think, is it with or without? Do you have examples of discrepancies elsewhere? Get in touch by emailing or tweet @bedfordnews

Queen's Park –With an apostrophe

* All Saints Church, Queen’s Park

* Queen’s Park Neighbourhood Centre

* The Queen’s Park Congregation

Queens Park – Without an apostrophe

* Queens Park Urban Community Council

* Queens Park Community Centre

* Queens Park Academy

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