Published: 10/10/2010 09:30 - Updated: 08/10/2010 16:46

Teenage torture gang get total of 21 years' detention


Georgina Blackwell
Georgina Blackwell
Four teenage girls who subjected another girl to a five-hour torture ordeal have been locked up for a total of more than twenty years.

They bound and gagged their 17-year-old victim at two addresses in Bedford.

She was beaten and had her hair hacked off with scissors by the gang who threatened to cut her toes off.

Luton Crown Court heard on Tuesday the reason for the violence was that one of the gang believed the victim may have ‘set her up’ the night before when she was robbed in the street.

Natasha Callum
Natasha Callum
In the dock Natasha Callum of Dents Road, Bedford, Georgina Blackwell of Chaucer Road, Bedford, Cerys Parkins of Queens Road, Ampthill and Amy Harrison of Conduit Road, Bedford, all 19, pleaded guilty to two offences of false imprisonment and two assault charges.

Callum also pleaded guilty to two unrelated offences of robbery and attempted robbery. Prosecutor Claudette Elliott told how at around 11am on February 6 this year the gang went to the flat in Bedford where the girl was living.

Miss Elliot said they were ‘tooled up’ with a knife, a metal bar and a pair of pliers.

Cerys Parkins
Cerys Parkins
What followed was ‘premeditated, nasty and almost planned torture’, she added.

The victim who can’t be named, knew all the defendants who stuffed a white sock in her mouth to prevent her screaming.

Cable was used to bind her wrists, her ankles and thighs and she was repeatedly punched and kicked.

She was struck with a metal bar in the face. As the violence continued her nose was broken and she was threatened with scalding hot water.

Her pony tail was cut off by a pair of scissors and the girl heard one of the gang say: “You won’t get anyone’s man looking like this”.

Amy Harrison
Amy Harrison
Eventually the girl was taken from the flat to another address in Coventry Road, Bedford.

She had to walk there but was surrounded by the gang preventing any chance of escape.

She was again tied up and beaten and as the violence continued she passed out.

Judge Barbara Mensah was told that the defendant Blackwell had eventually become so upset by the violence that she left and went home to be sick.

Passing sentence she said the gang had been out for revenge and the violence they inflicted on the youngster had been ‘gratuitous, humiliating and degrading’.

The judge said all the defendants had previous convictions for violence.

She went on: “You all come from difficult backgrounds but that doesn’t stop you knowing what is right and what is wrong, when someone is in pain or distress.”
Callum was sentenced to six-and-a-half years in a young offenders’ institute, Harrison and Parkins each received a five year sentence and Blackwell was given a sentence of four-and-a-half years.
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