Published: 30/12/2010 14:10 - Updated: 30/12/2010 14:15

Teacher's play returns to Radio 4

'A King's Speech' written by Mark Burgess, Head of Bedford Modern School Speech and Drama, is returning to BBC Radio 4 on Thursday, January 6, at 2.15pm.  It was first broadcast in April 2009.

Bedford Modern SchoolThe action takes place on Coronation Day 1937 and centres around King George VI's preparations for his evening radio broadcast to the Empire - a terrifying prospect for perhaps the most notable Briton to have suffered from a stammer.

Alex Jennings plays the King and Trevor Littledale, his speech therapist, Lionel Logue. 'A King's Speech' is directed by David Blount for BBC Radio 4/Pier Productions Ltd.

Mark Burgess, who has taught at Bedford Modern School since 2004, is one of the most prolific contributors to BBC radio drama in recent years. Earlier this year he was one of three prestigious writers selected by BBC Radio 4 to write a 15 minute short story celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Tate Modern. 

Mark has also written and performed “The Man with the Golden Pen”, about the life of Ian Fleming. In 2006, Mark produced a radio play entitled “From Father With Love” which examined Ian Fleming’s relationship with his only child, Caspar. The play was broadcast on the afternoon play slot on BBC Radio 4 and charted the distant relationship of Ian and Caspar. Ian adored his son and it was whilst recuperating in a London clinic that he started writing a book for Caspar; the result was “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”.

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