Published: 28/10/2012 12:00 - Updated: 26/10/2012 18:08

MP slams BoS on Twitter over lap-dancing article

Nadine Dorries MP


Nadine Dorries refused to apologise after an outburst against this newspaper on Twitter.

The MP (pictured) took to the social network site to accuse BoS of lifting the contents of a letter she sent to a rival publication.

She also passed on a view from one of her 11,000 followers which claimed BoS was only fit for recycling.

And during a rant she retweeted an attack on the paper’s standards of journalism.

She tweeted: “Absolutely shocked that BoS have written ‘in a letter to the BoS the MP’ my letter was to the Beds Times and Citizen, the BoS just lifted.”

When one of her followers asked her what former BoS editor and ex-Mayor of Bedford Borough Frank Branston would say to her claims, she replied: “Well done, probably.”

BoS reporter Adam Thompson had asked the MP for her latest views on protests against the controversial Ampthill strip club.

He received a response back from Andrea Gordon which read “Dear Adam” then went on to state Ms Dorries’ position ending with “Nadine”.

She said neither her or her staff had sent out a letter to BoS, from which we had quoted.

But she was faced with angry demands to say sorry after the document, issued in her name by a PA, was proved to have been sent to BoS in response to a question four days earlier.

However, the MP later claimed she had said SHE hadn’t sent it.

Other users of the micro-blogging site upon seeing evidence of the email messaged the MP and BoS saying: “Oh dear Nadine, hard to get out this one.”

Another simply posted: “#eggonface?” We asked Ms Dorries for a response but she didn’t reply to our email or calls.

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