Published: 24/10/2010 07:30 - Updated: 23/10/2010 10:38

MP rues claims of website blog 'fiction'


MP Nadine Dorries
MP Nadine Dorries
MP Nadine Dorries admits she wouldn’t have said her popular website blog was ‘70 per cent fiction’ if she had known what a fuss it would cause.

The member for Mid-Bedfordshire, pictured, made up some of its contents to ‘protect her family and staff’, it was revealed this week.

The revelations came in documents issued by the standards and privileges committee, which this week cleared Mrs Dorries of any wrongdoing relating to her Parliamentary expenses.

Defending her work of fantasy she claimed she was the focus of ‘unwanted and inappropriate attention’.

She told the watchdog: “My blog is 70 per cent fiction and 30 per cent fact.

“It is written as a tool to enable my constituents to know me better and to reassure them of my commitment to Mid-Bedfordshire.

“I rely heavily on poetic licence and frequently replace one place name/event/fact with another.” She said during the inquiry her front window had been broken and her daughter had been bullied.

The information came out as Mrs Dorries was cleared by Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, Sir John Lyon, who investigated a complaint from BNP’s Richard Barnbrook about her second home and that she made inappropriate claims.

Lyon’s report criticised Mrs Dorries’ blog, saying it ‘gave information to its readers, including Ms Dorries’ constituents and party supporters, which provided a misleading impression of her arrangements as an MP for the constituency’.

The MP was also rebuked by the committee for failing to keep the house authorities up-to-date with changes to the address of her main home in Gloucestershire after her marriage broke down.

Mrs Dorries told BoS: “I am absolutely delighted that, following a 15 month extensive inquiry into my use of Parliamentary expenses, I have been fully cleared.

“Much mischief is being made regarding my blog.

“Anyone reading my blog can obviously see it is a factual record, however, the point the commissioner was making, was that I concealed where I slept at night, giving the impression that I slept every night in the constituency.

Which I don’t, I spend weekend and recess nights with my family.

“The 70/30 was a throwaway comment and if I had known it was going to cause such a media flurry, not the fact that I was cleared, I probably wouldn’t have made it, especially as the figure should have been the other way round and that I said it after police advice following four separate occasions of inappropriate unwanted attention.”

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