Published: 23/10/2011 09:00 - Updated: 25/10/2011 12:57

MP Dorries in the running for 'bad faith' award

Nadine Dorries MPOne of our MPs is up for an award...for being an arch adversary of human advancement.

Nadine Dorries, who represents Mid Bedfordshire, is one of six nominees shortlisted for the New Humanist magazine’s annual Bad Faith Awards.

The poll, which opened last week, is open to members of the public who can deliver ‘the click of shame’ and vote for the person they think is the best candidate.

Paul Sims, news editor of the magazine, said: “As soon as we opened the awards, given to this year’s outstanding contribution to irrationality, there was a flood of nominations for MP Nadine Dorries, who seems to have set up a one-woman campaign against reason with her attack on abortion rights and suggestion that abstinence be taught in schools.” Ms Dorries said the Humanist organisation was ‘an anti-faith, anti-religious ‘cult’ and she questioned how many people in Bedfordshire had voted.

She added: “You may be aware that more than 28,000 people voted for me during the general election and therefore I would query the relevance of your Twitter poll single numbers story” The other nominees are; American congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Islamist group leader Anjem Choudary, Tom MacMaster who revealed himself as the ‘Gay Girl’ in Damascus blog, Texas governor Rick Perry and Daily Mail columnist Melanie Phillips.

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