Published: 16/11/2012 13:24 - Updated: 16/11/2012 17:08

Olly Martins wins Bedfordshire PCC elections


Bedfordshire's new PCC Olly Martins at the voting count in Luton Bedfordshire's new PCC Olly Martins at the voting count in Luton

Olly Martins is Bedfordshire’s first ever Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) after winning last night’s election.

Mr Martins beat Jas Parmar, the Conservative representative, to land the role which will see him in charge of many important areas Bedfordshire Police’s policing.

Earlier today the other candidates, Linda Jack (Liberal Democrats), Kevin Carroll (British Freedom Party) and Mezanur Rashid (Independent), dropped out after the first round of voting.

However, since neither Mr Parmar or Mr Martins received more than 50 per cent of the votes the second preference votes had to be counted to determine the winner.

In the first round of voting Mr Parmar received 26,226 votes whilst Mr Martins led the way with 27,947.

The results for the other candidates were: Linda Jack (11,205); Kevin Carroll (8,675) and Mezanur Rashid (8,076).

Below is a breakdown of the votes received by each candidates from the three different boroughs after the first round of voting.


Olly Martins - 12,398

Mezanur Rashid - 5,297

Jas Parmar - 4,476

Kevin Carroll - 3,173

Linda Jack - 2,394

Central Bedfordshire:

Jas Parmar - 13,198

Olly Martins - 8,407

Linda Jack - 4,531

Kevin Caroll - 3,856

Mezanur Rashid - 1,496

Bedford Borough:

Jas Parmar - 8,552

Olly Martins - 7,142

Linda Jack - 4,280

Kevin Carroll - 1,646

Mezanur Rashid - 1,285

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