Your letters - 13.07.14

03/07/14 Official opening of Italian Consulate - Mayfairs, Lurke Street, Bedford
Honorary Consul for Italy, Guy Moliterno speaks at the official opening of the Honorary consul office in Bedford

BoS readers had plenty to say again this week - from Italian consul success to Addison Park in a mess

Power to the people

Published: Sun 06 Jul 2014

Black Cat Roundabout

THANK you. In last week’s newspaper our very real concerns were given the front page (‘Solar farm invasion’ BoS, 29.7.14). This unseemly gold rush in the villages of North Bedfordshire

Invasion 'fiction'

Published: Sun 06 Jul 2014

Black Cat Roundabout

LAST week’s front page headline ‘Solar farm invasion’ (BoS, 29.6.14) and opening paragraph about north Bedfordshire villages seeing ‘thousands of panels taking over their countryside’

Setting up camp

Published: Sun 29 Jun 2014

24/06/14 Old School site
The site of the former Putnoe Lower School

IN the June 15 BoS Steve Lowe commented on the current tributes to WW1 and the D Day landings which is all well and good but he then ended by saying we should 
‘congratulate’ the EU for

Nuisance is no walk in the park

Published: Sun 29 Jun 2014

Letters- Motorcycles using Browns Wood Clapham

A RECENT walk in the sunshine through Clapham’s delightful nature reserve, Brown’s Wood, was spoilt by the unwelcome sound of racing motorcycles.

BoS' bus pass success

Published: Sun 22 Jun 2014

Letters Picture- the junction of Goldington Road and Church Lane

WELL done Bedfordshire on Sunday reminding us all that the concessionary bus pass for senior citizens

Tipped off

Published: Sun 15 Jun 2014

WE believe John K’s letter (‘Council talking a load of rubbish’, BoS Letters, 8.6.14) to be very unfair and clearly uninformed.

Ready for 'bun fight'

Published: Sun 15 Jun 2014

SO let’s see if I have this right? The Lib Dems may or may not be sitting on a cache of money whilst cutting services and throwing people out of work.

Winding me up

Published: Sun 08 Jun 2014

SO a giant wind turbine is not enough. Now, a power station is proposed for Marston Vale, and if this gets the green light what is there to stop further industrial development?

Council talking a load of rubbish

Published: Sun 08 Jun 2014

03/06/14 Queens Park Bedford rubbish - ANYTIME - QUEENS PARK, BEDFORD
Rubbish left on a footpath between Carlisle Road and Chester Road in Bedford

HAVING read the article about rubbish in Queens Park in last week’s paper, I wanted to send some photos that might be of interest.

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