Dining with the yobs

AS President of the British Sombo Federation I recently attended the British Open Sambo & Combat Sambo Championships held in Bedford.

Blooming cheek!

Published: Sun 06 Apr 2014

10/03/14 Weather
Spring has sprung

SINCE the local authority in Bedford never got round to setting bulbs on the grass banks in Turner Way and Rowlandson Way, my husband decided to plant daffodils (right) for passers-by to enjoy.

School has some answering to do

Published: Sun 06 Apr 2014

06/12/12 Bedford Free School pics
Bedford Free School. Pic by Richard Marsham

THE results of the recent Ofsted inspection of Bedford Free School begged some questions (BoS, p9, 30.3.14).

Parking policy's a pain in the grass

Published: Sun 30 Mar 2014

HAVING read Kathryn Cain’s article in last week’s BoS, I write in support of Ian Pettit (pictured) regarding the damage done to grass verges by careless and irresponsible vehicle drivers.

Bird-brained idea of wind turbine

Published: Sun 16 Mar 2014

THE landscape of the Forest of Marston Vale has been irreparably changed in the last week by the addition of a monstrous 279 foot tall wind turbine named ‘Marston Mill’ in the Millennium Country

Uptown Garth? Letters Extra 2.3.14

Published: Sun 02 Mar 2014

From house prices in Ampthill to the terrible tale of Bedford Town Football Club - more letters from the readers of Bedfordshire on Sunday.

Top of the ladder

Published: Sun 23 Feb 2014

HOW pleasing to read at the weekend that Ampthill is now one of Britain’s ‘property hotspots’ with house prices soaring 17 per cent over the last four years to an average of £257,666.

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