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John Ball’s Diary 3.3.13

By Bedfordshire On Sunday  |  Posted: March 03, 2013

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Tuesday, February 26

A BUTCHER in Kempston can see the funny side of the horsemeat scandal(pictured near right).

Perhaps that is because local butchers are making a bit of a killing at the moment from the current embarrassment being felt by many supermarkets.

And good for the butchers.

Wednesday, February 27

ONE of our young female reporters receives an email inviting her on a trip for 
expectant mums.

Apparently there is a new trend for parents to now go on a ‘Babymoon’ to relax before the screaming and sleepless nights start.

She is perplexed however as she isn’t actually pregnant let alone near a due date.

Maybe they know something she doesn’t?

Thursday, February 28

I AM at the Central Beds Council today, with a lot of other people.

The issue of sites for gypsies and travellers is being discussed and several hundred people want to hear where the council may be choosing to build such sites.

I am guessing most are there in the hope one of them will not be near to where they live. I could be wrong.

Anyway there is a sign to help(pictured far right). Or not. The sign is telling people that no more of them can be allowed in at the moment.

Look closely though and you will see that the council should have scrutinised its own 
scrutiny committee sign a bit more closely.

AT the borough council meeting this evening, we are going through the minutes of the last meeting. It’s all fun. One part of the minutes concerns whether there will be any delay in the
re-opening of the Higgins Art Gallery.

Someone, who shall remain nameless points out the answer from Councillor McMurdo, which says there will be no delay and work is going ahead as planned. They are about to replace the artefacts, he said.

My confidant points to this and whispers:’Does that mean they have lost the originals?’

Friday March 1

I AM having a lunchtime 
wander around Bedford town centre when all of a sudden a man on one of those mobility scooter thingies whizzes past at an incredible speed almost 
running me over in the pedestrianised bit of Harpur Street.

As shocked as I am however it is nothing compared to the two little old dears behind me with their walkers who gasp at his nerve disapprovingly. Young whippersnappers eh?

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