Published: 08/03/2009 00:00 - Updated: 15/03/2009 00:11

Supercentenarian celebrates big birthday


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The oldest person living in Bedfordshire celebrated her 110th birthday on Friday (March 6, 2009).

Margaret FishMargaret Fish, who lives at Danecroft residential home in Wilstead, proudly blew out the candles on her cake and enjoyed a party with family and friends.

She was presented with her seventh telegram from the Queen on behalf of the Lord Lieutenant for Bedfordshire Sam Whitbread.

Mrs Fish, who is now a supercentenarian, was joined by her daughter Barbara, 71, grand-daughter Alison, 41, and only great-grandson Edward, seven.

She is the oldest person in Bedfordshire and one of around 30 people in the country who are 110-years-old.

The oldest person alive in the country is 113-year-old Florence Baldwin.

Mrs Fish was born in Tower Hamlet, London, in 1899 which was the same year that the paperclip was invented and Coca-Cola was first bottled in America.

The average weekly wage was £4.62 and the population of Britain was 29 million.

Mrs Fish, who worked as a dress-maker for some years, met her husband Frank who was in the army during the First World War and they married in 1928.

The couple went on to have two daughters Barbara and Elsie, 69, who now lives in Australia.

Mrs Fish went to visit her when she was 90-years-old. They moved up to Bedfordshire during the Second World War bombings and after her husband died, Mrs Fish lived independently at her home in Cople till she was 104-years-old.

Her daughter Barbara said: "She was even digging up her front garden when she was 100-years-old."

Teresa Day, manager at the home, where Mrs Fish has lived for around two years, said: "She is amazing and it's an absolute pleasure to have her here.

"She doesn't cause any trouble and she is such a peaceful person who is liked and respected by all the residents.

"We were surprised when she reached 108-years-old and then she just kept going so hopefully she will be celebrating her 111th birthday her next year."

Mrs Fish doesn't believe there is any secret to reaching such an age.

She said: "I just went to school and I used to like sowing.

"My father lived to be quite old so I think it might run in the family.

"I enjoy watching television especially Dancing on Ice and I enjoy a good meal although I am not fussy."
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