Shopping for an exterior door made easy

Simple tips and advice for choosing the right exterior door for your home with Todd Doors

First impressions count, and your front door is one of the first things visitors to your home will see – whether they be friends and family or potential buyers. A front door needs to be welcoming, as well as tying in with your home’s exterior. Aesthetics are important, but exterior doors also need to protect your home from the elements, being weatherproof, functional and resilient. So as well as choosing a design you love, it’s important to choose a new door that will provide all the insulation and security you need.

Which material?

The most common materials used in the construction of external doors are wood, steel and PVC. The material you choose depends on your need for security, heat insulation, as well as where the door is to be placed – you may favour a more decorative hardwood door for your home, but a sturdier steel door for an outhouse or work building.

Wood, particularly hardwood, is favoured for external door use, as it’s sturdy, durable and withstands a range of weather conditions. It’s a material that allows for a wider range of door designs, and its weight makes it particularly secure. Shop for extenal doors with Todd Doors to see just how versatile hardwood can be – from traditional period detailing to fresh contemporary finishes, perfectly matching all home exteriors.

Steel is one of the sturdiest materials available, particularly well suited to high-security needs and extreme weather conditions. Steel doors won’t warp or swell, and they can be painted in a variety of finishes. However, its uses are more limited for the traditional home, as you’ll find far fewer decorative steel door designs to choose from.

PVC may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but its insulating properties make it ideal for the energy-conscious, and it’s extremely durable too. You’ll find PVC doors in a range of styles and colours, typically mimicking hardwood. Unlike hardwood, however, PVC can’t be given a quick makeover with a fresh coat of paint or a change of wood stain.

What about insulation?

A good exterior door will not only keep the cold and rain out it will also ensure that the heat inside your home stays there. Look for doors constructed using a thick veneer around a foam or timber core. If you’re looking for a glass-panelled door, double or triple-glazing will help to keep heat in and cold temperatures out. In cold climates, it’s always a good idea to weather-strip around your doors for better insulation too. The Department of Energy website offers some useful weather-stripping advice for DIY-ers.

What about light?

In hallways that are lacking windows, a glass-panelled external door will let natural light flood in. It’s also a great way to add a decorative element to your home’s exterior. Stained glass allows you to play with colour, while etched glass comes in all manner of designs, and can be personalised too. Double or triple-glazed glass panels will not only help to provide better heat insulation, they’ll also help to keep external sounds muffled.

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