How to make a door garland

The holly and the ivy...

Is it a door garland? Yes! Is it a table decoration? Yes! Is it attractive, sweet-smelling and easy to make? YES!

ELENA MARIN shows readers how to make a delightful seasonal decoration that is twice as nice and gives double the pleasure.

Door garlands are a traditional symbol of welcome and hospitality.

Garlands or wreaths can be made from greenery such as cupressus, normand fir, laurel, holly and several other evergreen plants.

Moss based on to a wire ring is a traditional and popular way to form a wreath but alternatives such as foam rings, straw, vines and wisteria can be used. You can decorate the frame with a variety of materials including tartan ribbon, nuts, dried oranges, apples,cones and berries.

A simple guide to making your garland

Step 1 - What you will need -           7" open foam ring

                                                           Cuttings of pine leaves and holly

                                                           Pine cones and cinnamon sticks

                                                           Decorative berries/trims

                                                           Stub wires

                                                           Snow spray (optional)

Step 2 - Lightly soak foam ring and secure a looped ribbon with wire for hanging.

Step 3 - Insert pine leaves clockwise around the outer and inner edges of the frame, keeping the circular shape.

Step 4 - Add extra foliage to the top of the frame (this includes holly)

Step 5 - Evenly space out pine cones & cinnamon sticks, externally supported with wires.

Step 6 - Complete display with your choice of decorative trims, candle and lightly sprayed snow for a frosted finish.

The garland can be hung on your door from the beginning of December and/or used as a table centre piece for Christmas day.

They keep fresh throughout  the festive season and also make a nice gift for a loved one!

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