Chunky/ribbed scarves

An easy way to warm up in the colder months, get yourself a chunky or ribbed woollen scarf and wear it with anything.


Military fashion is still with us this season but it’s time to say goodbye to the 1980’s revival and take this look in a more classic direction. Think Army greens and Air Force Blues with either a shearling/aviator jacket or a ‘greatcoat’ as your favourite new winter wardrobe essential.

Shearling lined mid boots

Mid boots are the perfect way to finish the new military look. Models Direct particuarly love Burberry’s shearling lined ‘Leather Explorer’ mid boot.


If you go for some boots try matching them with chunky socks. Tuck your trousers into the socks and leave a little showing above the boot line.

Camel tones

Camel tones are huge for both women and men this year. Seek out a trench coat in a tasty caramel tone for the ultimate in class and comfort or invest in a camel coloured blazer or some chinos.


There’s a somewhat military style feel to suits this season too. The double breasted suit is back but with a cut that Models Direct are relieved to see replace the 1980s/90s style that we last saw hit the streets. Suits this year really flatter the male form with broad shoulders and slim waists and trousers.


Waistcoats are officially cool, as confirmed by fans such as David Beckham and Justin Timberlake, so add one to your wardrobe ready to match with your jeans, chinos or - of course - your favourite suit!


Yes really! Austin Powers may still spring to mind when you think of velvet but this luxurious material is a 2010/11 winter must-have for men. If you’d like to acknowledge this look but keep it subtle then go for a jacket or suit with a velvet collar or lapels.


Tweed got an urban update last year and is still on trend this autumn/winter and available in a variety of colours. It can be worn as a blazer, trousers or coat and looks great.


Every man needs a cardigan this year. Go for a chunky design in a neutral colour and warm up in style.

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