Losing his sight didn't stop Arthur

Published: Sun 29 Jun 2014

The menu for Their Majesties Silver Jubilee

HE was known in Bedford as the newspaper seller Blind Dick, but few would have known the extraordinary story of how he came to lose his sight.

Bumper crop's a bowl of cherries

Published: Sun 01 Jun 2014

16/04/14 Cherry growers - Salford Rd, Apsley Guise, bedfordshire
Rupert Mount, Liz Mount and their dog, Sophie check the cherry tress at The Cherry Farm in Apsley Guise

TYING a knot in a cherry stem is widely considered to be an impressive party trick. English Cherries, though, would argue that the real skill is in the growing of the fruit itself.

Hedge your bets on adjusted law

Published: Sun 11 May 2014

18/02/14 Gambler - hertford
Issues with gambling..Pic: Vikki Lince

CHANGES are afoot to allow councils more power to decide whether betting shops should be allowed to open on high streets.

The tragedy of war hits home in Sharnbrook

Published: Sat 14 Jun 2014

Andrew Rome looks at the grave of a Sharnbrook resident killed in World War 1

THE north Bedfordshire villages suffered heavy losses in the Great War, with sometimes whole families being torn apart by the loss of their children.

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