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EDL members protest outside prison

By Bedfordshire On Sunday  |  Posted: September 07, 2011

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Political activists have gathered outside HMP Bedford in a show of support to their leader who is currently remanded in the jail.

Around 30 members of the English Defence League (EDL) were stood near to the entrance of the prison in St Loyes Street with pictures of Tommy Robinson claiming his human rights are being breached.

Mr Robinson is currently on hunger strike in the prison after he allegedly broke his bail condition by attending a demonstration of the EDL in Tower Hamlets over the weekend.

One EDL supporter, Dave Hedges of Dunstable said: “Why shouldn’t he be able to speak?  Tommy Robinson is being persecuted and we are all here to show our support to a great bloke.”

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  • Bedfordshire On Sunday  |  September 16 2011, 3:25PM

    Another EDL Child Sex Offender Revealed http://www.edlnews.co.uk/edl-news/another-edl-child-sex-offender-revealed

  • Bedfordshire On Sunday  |  September 11 2011, 8:48AM

    Arthur appears to have already convicted Tommy Robinson of assault. Will he apologise here when the court case collapses and Tommy Robinson is proven innocent? It's rhetorical. Of course he won't apologise.

  • Bedfordshire On Sunday  |  September 11 2011, 8:43AM

    @Arthur - Tommy did not head butt a squaddie. The person who was assaulted has already informed the police that Tommy was not the person responsible. It will all come out in court, so pack in your vile lies.

  • Bedfordshire On Sunday  |  September 09 2011, 2:31PM

    Last word and off topic! To the politicians: Go spend a few nights living in one of these heavily muslim populated ghettos. Talk to the non-muslims who can't walk the streets at night, fear for their children everytime they leave there house and are basically stuck in this hell because they have nowhere else to go. Take a look at the muslim population in prisons which is at 12% yet there are only 4 million in the UK! Does that not tell yourself something? Speak to the parents of the children who have been groomed, sexually assaulted and in some cases killed! Ask yourself why you covered the muslim sex gang threat up for so long and how you can live with yourself for doing so? Ask yourself why are there 2.5 miillion on the dole yet we still flood the country with immigrants? You say its beneficial, but if this is the case, why do muslims have the highest unemployment rate in the UK. I could go on and on.........

  • Bedfordshire On Sunday  |  September 09 2011, 12:25AM

    It's about wanting England to stay England, for everybody. Tommy can handle it. Look inside yourself. You know it's changing for the worse. Those brave, everyday people are there to help all England, even the ones in denial(but the islamic extremists don't like that. they are open about that now.) . People in their hearts know what rings true.

  • Bedfordshire On Sunday  |  September 08 2011, 10:23PM

    he was arrested for turning up fact he didn't do anything wrong i for one say FREE TOMMY TODAY

  • Bedfordshire On Sunday  |  September 08 2011, 6:26PM

    What human rights have been breached here? Robinson was on bail for violent offences, and deliberately broke bail conditions for a lame publicity stunt. So he's in prison. That's what happens! Welcome to the real world Mr.Robinson!

  • Bedfordshire On Sunday  |  September 08 2011, 5:03PM

    @NortheastEDL, I am not the one protesting the innocence of a convicted violent thug, a man that head butted a squadie, and has more double standards than is possible to list in this box. Yet you tell me to grow up?

  • Bedfordshire On Sunday  |  September 08 2011, 4:57PM

    @Arthur. I have not avoided any question, we all have the right to protest, including those muslims that EDL try to prevent. This has absolutely nothing to do with that though, he was arrested for head butting a man and bailed with conditions to saveguard the public from him repeating this action, that he committed at one of his demonstrations. If he can not conduct himself within the law and in a non violent manner, then some rights need to be removed from him to safeguard the public. Your logic is steeped in stupidity and double standards. We all have the right to free speech but the law also states that 'under human right guidelines' only if it is not putting others in danger by doing so. He clearly put others in danger, he assaulted some one. As I have said before, EDL are not above the law, you can not go on breaking laws and claim you are political prisoners when being charged. It is not my fault that the education system has failed you and not provided you with the ability to work this out for yourself, this is however why you align yourself with the likes of the EDL and chant racial and religious hate songs at every given opportunity. ______________________________ Everyone has the right to freedom of speech and expression, but must not put others at risk in exercising this right..... Head butting a person is putting others at risk in my book and in any sane persons book, don't you get it?

  • Bedfordshire On Sunday  |  September 08 2011, 2:47PM

    EDL starve in hell. Robinson was on bail for yet another act of violence related to EDL activity,hence the type of bail restrictions. He is not in jail for speaking out. Robinson has previous convictions/jail for violence and drug related issues. He broke his bail conditions and is refusing to comply with future bail conditions Couldnt be simpler.EDL are deluded racist fools who never came to Tower Hamlets.